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BILSTEIN B4 Air Suspension :: October 13th, 2017

100% New Manufactured — Know the Difference!

Learn how the quality of BILSTEIN 100% new-manufactured B4 Air suspension modules differ from other products available on the independent repair shop market.

High-quality BILSTEIN B4 Air suspension modules are engineered and manufactured to uncompromising OEM standards. These new-manufactured components have only been available for a few years, offering a superior solution to a market flooded with reduced-functionality spare parts and poor quality remanufactured parts. BILSTEIN B4 air suspension modules are the only aftermarket solution that provides full functionality for all active and passive systems – delivering the same perfect driving experience and ride quality as when the car rolled off the lot.

Active air suspension modules such as the BILSTEIN B4 Air empower the driver with the option to switch between different driving modes. In extreme situations, for example an evasive maneuver to avoid a collision, the system automatically switches the ride characteristics to a more responsive and safe setting. After the maneuver, the system returns to the pre-selected driving mode. Retaining this functionality is paramount to a perfect driving experience – something only BILSTEIN can assure.

BILSTEIN B4 Air suspension includes 100% brand new components:

– NEW air spring
– NEW gas-pressure shock absorber
– NEW electromagnetic control valve
– NEW seals, sensors and electrical

What is remanufacturing?

For many vehicle components, remanufacturing (the reworking of old parts) is a reasonable and cost-saving alternative to new parts. This only applies if all the individual wear components are replaced. With air suspension modules, all components are subjected to wear:

Air bags wear due to contraction, extension, pressure and temperature.
Gas-pressure shock absorbers wear due to continuous movement and high mileage.
Electromagnetic control valves and seals wear due to continuous oil flow.
In remanufactured products, only the air spring is replaced, all other parts are reused. This means you have no way of determining how high the mileage of the donor shock absorber was run. With used donor shock absorbers potentially coming from different vehicles, it is possible that the damping force at the individual wheels will differ significantly.

You paid for adaptive suspension features, maintain that functionality.

With competitor products, the electromagnetic control valve is replaced with a resistor to deceive the OE electronic controls – defeating the functionality of multiple driving modes. The air suspension system becomes limited to one driving mode – a compromised solution. By installing a seemingly cheaper part, you remove functionality of your customer’s suspension and risk reducing driver safety.

In contrast to OEM or BILSTEIN B4 air suspension modules, remanufactured air springs use a cross-ply bellows system – requiring a significantly higher rolling radius. Since the working chamber remains the same size, the cross-ply bellow is subjected to a significantly higher level of wear – it cannot expand and collapse sufficiently. A cross-ply bellow system does not achieve the same sensitive spring response behavior as a BILSTEIN axial bellows system.

Don’t compromise.

When servicing or replacing your air suspension, ask for BILSTEIN B4 Air and rest assured that safety, comfort, functionality and handling quality will be preserved.

Bilstein Featured Product – B8 6112 Suspension Kit :: October 10th, 2017

B8 6112 Suspension Kit | 2005-2017 NIssan Frontier | 2005-2015 Nissan Xterra

Designed for the serious off-road adventure seeker, the BILSTEIN B8 6112 kit is the ultimate suspension solution. This front coilover kit optimizes off-road and on-road capabilities with a 60mm digressive piston for increased damping control, and bolts into factory mounts. The shock absorbers included in the BILSTEIN B8 6112 kit come equipped with an adjustable spring seat — perfect for leveling your vehicle, increasing ground clearance, and installing larger tires.

Features and Benefits:
– Large 60mm body for increased oil capacity, cooling, and long-term durability
– 60mm digressive piston improves ride comfort and control over rough terrain
– Vehicle specific tuning
– Monotube design ensures consistent, fade-free performance in all conditions
– Adjustable spring seat offers 0-2.75in of lift, depending on the application
– Custom engineered cold wound linear springs for enhanced vehicle control and ride comfort
– Kit includes (2) 60mm shock absorbers, (2) billet hard anodized spring seats, and (2) springs
– Available for late model trucks and SUVs which utilize a front coilover suspension
– Made in the USA

Part Numbers:
B8 6112 Suspension Kit | 47-266711

Motorsports News: Jerett Brooks – LOORRS Season Update :: October 6th, 2017

With only one race weekend left in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (LOORRS), Jerett Brooks currently holds a solid point lead in the Pro-Lite class. The final race for the LOORRS season will take place on October 21st and 22nd at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park in Chandler, AZ where he will have to battle it out on the track to secure the win and a top ranked standing for the 2017 season.

Watch the Video

– Ryan Beat was the Pro Light Winner at the Crandon World Championship
– Darren Hardesty won 1st in LOORRS Round 11 Pro Buggy Class
– Jerett Brooks won 1st in LOORRS Round 11 Pro-Lite Class
– Jerett Brooks won 2nd LOORRS Round 12 Pro-Lite Class

Circle Track:
– Kevin Buzzy Adams took the A-Mod Feature Win at the Wissota 100 on SNS2 shocks
– Andrew Krause took the Freehold Ford Modified stock car feature win at Wall Stadium Speedway on AS2 non-adjustable shocks
– Mike Nichols won his qualifying heat in the Wissota 100
– Matt Stangle took the 2017 Sportsman Championship at Big Diamond Speedway, and Bridgeport Speedway

Shock Absorber Design: Monotube Versus Twintube and the Benefits of Each :: October 2nd, 2017

While there are many differences between the construction of a twintube and a monotube shock, the function is essentially the same. Both are designed to control the movement of the springs and keep tires in contact with the ground, and each have their respective benefits.

A common misconception is that a twintube shock is not gas-pressurized. While this was the case for many years, twintube shock technology has evolved and gas-pressure is now a standard in shock absorber design. Below we’ll take a look at the differences between monotube and twintube gas-pressure shock absorber designs and the benefits of each.

Monotube Shock Absorbers

What is a monotube shock absorber?
A monotube shock absorber is constructed using a single tube filled with oil and gas separated by a floating dividing piston. This prevents the negative effects of cavitation such as performance loss and suspension wear. As the piston rod and piston cycle through the hydraulic oil, the gas keeps the oil pressurized to prevent it from mixing with air and foaming up (cavitation).

How does a monotube shock absorber function?
As the tire and wheel move up and down on a vehicle, the piston inside the monotube shock absorber cycles through hydraulic fluid. As the piston moves up and down through the column of oil, it creates pressure differentials. These “pressure differentials” can be controlled by modifying the characteristics on the piston by adding or removing metal shims (valve plates), resulting in an increase or decrease in compression and rebound damping forces.

Gas Pressure Principle (monotube):
As a shock piston cycles through hydraulic oil, cavitation (the mixing of air and oil) will naturally occur. By applying gas pressure to the oil column, cavitation is prevented.

Benefits of a Monotube:
– Ability to run higher gas pressure (200-360psi) and less prone to cavitation
– Greater heat dissipation
– Larger oil capacity and piston diameter for precise and consistent damping force
– Shocks can be installed at any angle

Twintube Shock Absorbers

What is a twintube shock absorber?
A twintube shock absorber has a main outer tube and a secondary inner tube. The piston rod and piston cycle through hydraulic oil in the smaller inner tube of the shock, pushing oil into the outer tube.

How does a twintube shock absorber function?
As the tire and wheel move up and down on a vehicle, the piston cycles through the hydraulic fluid in the inner tube, pushing the oil into the outer tube. As the piston moves up and down through the column of oil (rebound and compression), it creates pressure differentials. These “pressure differentials” can be modified by changing the characteristics on the piston via adding or removing metal shims or plates to either side of the piston. This modifies how much oil flows each way through the piston, thus stiffening or softening the damping pressure.

Gas Pressure Principle (twintube):
As the piston cycles through the hydraulic fluid in the inner tube and forces oil into the outer tube, gas pressure in the outer tube reduces the likelihood of oil mixing with air (cavitation). When oil and air mix (cavitate), the oil becomes foamy and loses viscosity. This allows the piston and piston rod to move more freely through the tube, reducing control for the driver.

Benefits of a Twintube:
– Outer tube provides protection to internal components
– Cost effective design and manufacturing process
– Lower gas pressure creates a more comfortable ride
– Increased stroke due to gas being contained between tubes versus chamber (as compared to non-reservoir monotube shocks)

NEW: BILSTEIN SN2 | SNS2 Series :: September 30th, 2017

Designed for applications requiring steel body shocks, the all new BILSTEIN SN2 | SNS2 Series features optimized shock lengths, and a modular monotube design that enables the flexibility to revalve and rebuild as needed. End caps are available in aluminum (SN2 Series) or steel (SNS2 Series) to meet various sanctioning body requirements.

Features & benefits:

– 46mm extruded modular steel body maintains tighter tolerances for superior performance
– BILSTEIN’s fill tool allows plug installation for sanctioning body requirements that restrict schrader valves (fill tool sold separately: B4-BOA-0001227)
– Body design allows for standard or coilover applications (coilover kit sold separately: B4-BOA-0000117)
– 14mm hard chromed shaft reduces seal drag and breakaway stiction
– Single and double adjustable shaft options available
– Linear or digressive pistons available for valving versatility
– Monotube design provides maximum heat dissipation

To find the parts that best fit your setup, please download our SNS2 Product Application Sheet.

BILSTEIN OE Steering Racks Put Control in Your Hands :: September 26th, 2017

BILSTEIN engineers do not limit themselves to simply solving the challenge of dynamic and sporty suspension for your vehicles. By applying their technological know-how and experience to peripheral systems of the chassis, they’ve developed hydraulic steering racks designed to provide direct feel and precise handling.

BILSTEIN is the original equipment supplier of steering racks to Mercedes-Benz, solidifying their dedication to quality, consistency and performance. Mercedes-Benz chooses BILSTEIN steering racks not only for their driving comfort and performance but the safety you depend upon your car to deliver.

BILSTEIN hydraulic steering racks are available in the aftermarket to revitalize aging vehicles and restore the same sense of steering quality and driving experience. Available as a direct replacement for passenger cars, vans and SUVs, BILSTEIN racks can keep your motorpool of vehicles steering safely.

A variable ratio steering system and speed-sensitive options are available to service vehicles with factory equipped driver aides. These systems help to restore predictable function and dependability of your vehicles handling characteristics – whether at low speeds in a parking lot, or cruising speeds along a freeway. All BILSTEIN racks are newly manufactured units, with OE quality tie rods and ball joints for easy installation.
Made in Germany and the USA, BILSTEIN steering racks are available for front axle loads up to 3,000 kg, require no core charge, and feature a 2-year warranty.

2013-2017 RAM 2500 & 3500 | B8 5100 (Dual Steering Damper Kit) :: September 16th, 2017

Bilstein B8 5100 (Dual Steering Damper Kit) is designed as a bolt on auxiliary kit for solid axle 4WD vehicles. This kit features 2 steering dampers offering improved steering isolation. The dual kit mounts both dampers inline and opposing each other, which greatly enhances the “on center” feel. The steering dampers, included in the kit, are a gas pressurized monotube design and will provide fully functional damping in a horizontal position. These steering dampers, by design, have the advantage of controlling even the slightest steering movements to reduce steering wheel shake. With Bilstein B8 5100 (Dual Steering Damper Kit), you will greatly improve the steering feedback and handling of your vehicle.

Features and Benefits:
Unlike hydraulic stabilizers, BILSTEIN’s superior monotube gas pressure damper is designed to withstand extreme driving conditions
Zinc finish for resistance against harsh elements
Vehicle specific tuning
Vehicle specific billet aluminum mounting brackets and hardware
Limited Lifetime Warranty

Part Numbers:
B8 5100 (Dual Steering Damper Kit) | 53-264817

BILSTEIN is the Authority on MINI Suspension with Comprehensive Lineup :: September 7th, 2017

The sprightly MINI is a car that has captured the attention of enthusiasts, from its inception in the 1960s to current day. These British-born and German-refined machines have found success at the hands of rally champions, private enthusiasts and even Enzo Ferrari – showing their uncanny allure even in the face of their compact size.
Certainly billed as a momentum car, handling has always been at the forefront of the MINI brand identity. BILSTEIN has made it their mission to compliment the original design with a comprehensive line of aftermarket suspension solutions. All the way from the first generation BMW Mini Cooper to the current model, BILSTEIN has engineered a complete line of products from B4 OE replacement dampers to Nürburgring-tested and proven, motorsports-inspired, Clubsport suspension.

To suit performance street driven applications, a selection of application-specific, tuned monotube dampers are available to meet the rigorous demands of sporty drivers, maintaining a competitive price point while supplying a premium product. B6, B8 and B12 struts support the use of OE or lowering springs respectively, for increasingly aggressive lower ride heights.

For enthusiasts looking to heighten their excitement with the thrill of the autocross, an open track day, or just a spirited backroad drive BILSTEIN coilovers provide improved control and driving sensation. B14 and B16 performance suspension systems offer ride height adjustability thanks to threaded shock bodies, and the B16 ups the ante with a 10-stage damping adjustable system to refine rebound and compression characteristics in parallel.

Motorsports-inspired Clubsport suspension is for the serious competitor, with independent damping adjustment, ride-height adjustability, camber-adjustable topmounts and aggressive spring rates this system will take the go-cart sensation of the MINI and push it even further.

For MINI drivers that value the utility of the Countryman and Paceman models, BILSTEIN offers OE replacement B4 application as well as B12 lowering kits for a lower center of gravity and aggressive stance.

Recent Bilstein Motorsports Wins :: August 19th, 2017

Hunter “The Hustler” Marriott Wins the 2017 IMCA Dakota Tour Championship on BILSTEIN’s New SNS2 Shocks!

Hunter “The Hustler” Marriott won three of six feature events to win the points championship in the 2017 IMCA Dakota Classic Modified Tour. The Dakota Tour consisted of six nights of racing at five different tracks in North Dakota as well as one track in Saskatchewan, Canada. Marriott won half of the races, and scored wins at Nodak Speedway in Minot, ND, Williston Basin Speedway in Williston ND, and Southwest Speedway in Dickinson ND.

Doug Mittag won 1st in LOORRS Round 8 Pro-4 Class on BILSTEIN M 9200
Darren Hardesty won 1st in LOORRS Round 8 Pro Buggy Class on BILSTEIN M 9200
Jerett Brooks won 2nd in LOORRS Round 8 Pro-2 Class on BILSTEIN M 9200
Ryan Beat won 3rd in LOORRS Round 8 Pro Lite Class on BILSTEIN M 9200
Jerett Brooks won 1st in LOORRS Round 7 Pro Lite Class on BILSTEIN M 9200
Cole Mamer won 3rd in LOORRS Round 7 Pro Lite Class on BILSTEIN M 9200
Darren Hardesty Jr. won 2nd in LOORRS Round 7 Pro Buggy Class on BILSTEIN M 9200

Circle Track:
Hunter Marriott won the 2017 IMCA Modified Dakota Tour Championship
Billy Pauch Jr. picked up a victory at Georgetown Speedway in the 25-lap Big-Block/Small-Block Modified Feature
Andy Kleczka won the Sport Mod race at Shawano Speedway on BILSTEIN SNS2 with basevalve technology
Rick Laubach picked up his 50th Big Block Modified Victory at Bridgeport on BILSTEIN XVA Shocks
Mike Bowerman took the Modified Feature Win at Fulton Speedway on BILSTEIN XVA Shocks

Featured Product – 2002+ Mini Cooper | B16 (PSS10) :: August 17th, 2017

The BILSTEIN B16 (PSS10) coilover kit is the newest addition to 2002+ Mini Cooper applications.

Road-tested under motorsport conditions, BILSTEIN B16 (PSS10) combines motorsport technology and street performance product to bring you a high quality, direct fit coilover kit. BILSTEIN B16 (PSS10) features both ride-height and 10-stage manual damping adjustability for ultimate handling performance and fine-tuning.

Features and Benefits:
Monotube technology for consistent, fade-free performance
Ride-height adjustable
Application specific spring rates
Application specific tuning
Triple-C-Technology® coating
Direct fit application
Made in Germany
Tested and tuned on the Nürburgring
In addition to the B16 (PSS10), BILSTEIN offers a full range of products for Mini Cooper, including B4 OE Replacement, B6 Performance, B8 Performance Plus, B12 (Pro-Kit), B14 (PSS), and BILSTEIN Clubsport®.

Part Numbers:
B16 (PSS10) | Kit | R50 | 48-136648
B16 (PSS10) | Kit | R56 | 48-153720
B16 (PSS10) | Kit | F56 | 48-244428