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OE Replacement – BILSTEIN B4 Air Suspension Modules Keep Your Car On The Road :: July 29th, 2017

As manufacturers of luxury and performance vehicles expand on the basics of automotive engineering we find them moving away from conventional coil, leaf, or torsion springs to support the sprung weight of their cars.
Air spring suspension has long been a solution to heavy commercial vehicles and an aftermarket option, but select European marques are increasingly implementing this technology in luxury vehicles. As these cars and suspension systems age, many owners may be intimidated by the prospect of servicing or replacing a suspension system with air lines, bags, sensors and dampers all integral to smooth operation.

BILSTEIN B4 Air systems were developed in tandem with Mercedes-Benz engineers for the exclusive S-Class and are direct-fit replacements built to meet and exceed OE quality – with all plumbing, fittings, mounting bracketry and other considerations engineered to function properly. Including active damper and ride height adjustment all B4 Air systems are constructed from new components.

If your air suspension-equipped vehicle is in need of service, BILSTEIN B4 Air is the perfect option to restore OE feel, safety and quality.

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