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RV and Heavy Duty – BILSTEIN’s Patented COMFITRAC™ Piston :: August 3rd, 2017

Motorhomes are a great form of travel and recreation, but can be challenging to drive. In response to America’s road conditions getting worse, BILSTEIN engineers developed our unique COMFITRAC™ working piston.

The COMFITRAC™ piston utilizes a unique secondary valve plate that remains closed under low velocity compression movements but opens up to allow additional fluid bypass during higher speeds. This results in providing superior ride comfort when encountering road irregularities such as expansion joints and potholes without sacrificing the handling characteristics that makes the coach more stable and safe.

BILSTEIN Shocks with COMFITRAC™ Piston feature:

  • World class leading monotube design for superior heat dissipation
  • Massive 46mm or 60mm working piston
  • High frequency bypass technology to reduce road harshness input
  • Fewer moving parts to reduce wear and increase durability, plus provide reliable performance
  • Better value, thanks to extended shock life through superior manufacturing quality
  • Lifetime Warranty

Wallowing, top heavy and boat like characteristics are eliminated in BILSTEIN equipped coaches featuring COMFITRAC™ technology. Instead, words like precise, confident, controlled and safe are used more commonly to describe the ride. To see if BILSTEIN makes a product for your Class A, B or C motorhome, use the link below to view our application guide.

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